Seth Resnick has made his mark in the world of contemporary photography with a prolific career spanning education, fine art, editorial, stock and commercial work, as well his entrepreneurial contributions in training thousands of photographers in digital workflow methods through the D-65 process.  Chosen by Photo District News as one of the 30 most influential photographers of the decade, Seth is greatly in demand for his beautiful graphic images.  Resnick has been published in many of the world's most prestigious magazines.  His credits include over 2500 publications worldwide and his clients constitute a virtual “Who’s Who” list of Corporate America.

He is co-founder of D-65, an organization teaching digital workflow workshops, webinars, one-on-one training, tech support, and consulting for photographers, studios, agencies, and corporate art departments.   Resnick is also a co-founder of Digital Photo Destinations, an organization that combines exotic world travel with photographic education.  As a digital innovation consultant, Resnick works with Adobe, Canon, Nikon, X-rite, Epson, NEC and others to help them formulate more useful products for photographers.  Resnick was one of 50 photographers worldwide first named as a Canon “Explorer of Light”.  He is a member of the prestigious X-rite Colorati program as well as an Alpha/Beta and feature consultant for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and the Ilford Masters Program.

He travels extensively presenting the various aspects of photography, and was the Founding President of Editorial Photographers, a trade organization dedicated to the promotion of sound business practices for editorial photography.  Seth is also a partner of PixelGenius, which is developing Photoshop plug-ins and software for Adobe.
Resnick is a regular contributing columnist to a variety of trade publications.  He has given hundreds of lectures to industry organizations such as American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), Advertising Photographers of America (APA), Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Advertising Photographers of New York (APNY), and various colleges and universities.



My visual philosophy is to produce images nobody else envisions. Ideally, someone standing next to me won't see what I see. I try to bring back those unseen images from my own mind’s eye. I am stimulated by color, design, light, texture, spontaneity and gesture. These qualities make photography spectacularly rewarding for me. Like anything in life, “practice makes perfect” and photography, especially, requires constant practice. I think an essential ingredient of my success is that I always carry a camera. Without the camera, there can be no opportunity, and without opportunity, there can be no practice, and without practice, there can be no perfection. Photography is an expression of what I see around me and how it makes me feel. I have a passion to re-create that beauty and ignite an emotional response in my audience.


I believe that photography is not just a record of a physical presence but a documentation of the encounter between me and the energy of my subject. This encounter is often beyond my verbal ability to explain, yet my camera captures it without effort. The subjects in my best photographs seem to exist in a perfect state. The viewer deeply understands this perfection, but its implications remain elusive. I want my viewers to see my photographs as an opportunity to consider the larger, unseen realities that contribute to the energy and uniqueness of my subjects.


In formal terms, my work is an exploration of a packed frame typically filled with layers in the form of light, texture and color. I am interested in the tension that exists between the frame and the perceived space in which it is both occupied and contained. I don't manipulate my images. I try and capture the energy of my own perception in the present moment in its most raw state.


Photography is a highly creative form of communication that attracts me because of its challenges. I photograph because it is like capturing a moment in time you know you will never be able to get back. Capturing these moments in time has probably never been more important than now. Our environment is under ever-increasing pressure from mankind’s presence. I hope that my images will help foster a sense of intellectual curiosity and concern for our natural world, even as they give us a moment’s joy to reflect on the deliciously diverse, wild and colorful palette of our beloved planet.

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