Photography, for Braun, is an act of visual love-- acquiring what is seen and treasured. When the image takes up residence in her computer, she begins the process of creating a new life, sometimes compositing it into a background that expresses the emotional intent of the picture, sometimes texturizing it to accent a mood that will enable the picture to tell its own story. Braun is a printmaker and an experimenter, often combining printmaking and photography into unique composites, or using manipulated sources in addition to the original image, like aluminum plates that have been texturized in the dishwasher, or ink bled New York Time Newspapers. She blends these composites in a painterly manner that allows the image to inhabit a different world from its birthplace. The artist and the image inspire one another,  joining in a new union—an expansion of identity.


Braun has been a photographer since the 80’s, and has studied at venues such as the Maine Media Workshops and Haystack. She has also worked with teachers Elizabeth Opalinik, Connie Imboden, John Shaw, Susan Rostow and Don Messec. She has won a number of prizes: an honorable mention in the Maine Media Workshops and a first prize in the Julia Margaret Cameron awards.