Anton Lyalin’s choice to photograph portraits of animals and African landscapes was a pure coincidence, which eventually flourished into passion and led to the pursuit of the art of photography. Enchanted with Africa’s unique color palette, pristine nature, raw wisdom and wild side, Lyalin looks for and researches symbols of eternal beauty, spirits of freedom and Mother Nature’s endless wisdom in his photographs. He feels that these things make you forget about the fuss of everyday life and understand things that matter - beauty and the true power of a moment. Character, magnificence and diversity is what attracts him to these wild animals. A portrait photographer, he aims to capture their individuality, little things that make them special - a glance resembling that of a human being, posture, movement that makes them unique from their family. Just like us, they can be sad, compassionate, supportive or foolish. Capturing their emotions remind us of the power, beauty and fragility of nature. In his moments of silence, face to face with the wild animals, there is a sense of mystery and intimacy, where it seems that sometimes the animal is the observer of the photographer. It’s as if Lyalin has received permission from nature itself to take its portrait, to reveal its personality, emotions, splendor and wealth.


Lyalin uses a tactile paper for his black and white prints. He prefers warm tones when processing his photographs, especially when dealing with portraits. He also plays with infra-red effects when highlighting an emotion of contrast.


Anton Lyalin lives in Russia and exhibits all over the world. He recently had a retrospective at the Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg. He made his US debut with a solo Exhibition at Sohn Fine Art in summer 2015.