The Master Artist Series (MAS) program offers innovative experiences with world class photographers through workshops, lectures, book signings and exhibitions. MAS contributes to the vitality of arts, culture and education in the Berkshires by promoting broader understanding of and community engagement with photographic mediums. Patrons, Professionals and Students of Photography enjoy a full range of experiences with artists of the highest caliber in unique and intimate settings. MAS collaborates with regional cultural organizations, businesses and non-profits, and since its founding in 2011, has partnered with Berkshire Museum, Berkshire Creative, Berkshire International Film Festival,  Chesterwood (A National Trust Historic Site), IS183 Art School of the Berkshires, Berkshire Botanical Gardens, ArtBerkshires, The Trustees of Reservations Naumkeag and William Cullen Bryant Homestead,  Canyon Ranch, Cranwell Resort, Spa & Golf Club, Innova Art, Ltd., Darrow School, Red Lion Inn and H.R. Zeppelin. 




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SATURDAY, AUGUST 5, 4:00 - 7:00


(Please RSVP)


August 7, 8, 9, 10

Different shooting locations every day in the beautiful Berkshires!



Tuition: $1500 (Iincludes lunch all 4 days)

$250 (Model & Location Fee)















Greg will be coming to the Berkshires this summer to teach an intensive workshop on portraiture as well as the figure study. His class will focus on teaching his students how to see and interpret light and how best to communicate with the talent in front of his lens. The four day class will begin with a personal but open ended forum critiquing each of his student’s work to give not only each student a better understanding of his approach to their imagery but also to give the class an opportunity to view each other’s work in an open sharing environment. Greg will then present his career work as well as his latest projects.

Once everyone has had a chance to get acquainted with each other’s style and view Greg’s work as well, Greg will take everyone on location with the models for the first afternoon of shooting. Greg will demonstrate some of his lighting techniques on location utilizing natural light in conjunction with LEDS/light modifiers and silks. Each day’s locations will vary and provide a myriad of different opportunities to offer the most varied


possibilities. The class will be broken up into 2-3 small groups with a model assigned to each group and the models will rotate through the day and the workshop so each student has the opportunity to work with the various models. One student will shoot at a time and the other members of the group will assist the person shooting.

At the close of each day, Greg would like each student to produce 10-12 images of their choice

from the day’s work to be critiqued, the following morning in class prior to the day’s shoot.

Greg is not looking for retouched images but more over for the content, tone and cropping that the students best feels represents their image. Greg will show how to best enhance the image in Lightroom. Greg is interested not only in the images you feel are most successful but also those that gave you trouble and that you feel you need help on.

Portraiture and figure study will both be focused on, but on different days.  At the close of the last day, Greg will hold a final discussion and review of the workshop answering any questions and sharing any additional information that all of you may wish to discuss. The class will have an informal rather than overly structured atmosphere to allow all of you to provide input to Greg as to where you wish your week to go in case you want to push more in any specific directions. The week should prove to not only enhance your work ethic and skills but drive your passion. Greg is most open to speaking with any of you personally should you have any questions prior to signing up for his class.




Greg Gorman is a master photographer noted most for his celebrity portraits and nudes. Gorman is a recipient of many accolades, including the 2013 Professional Photographers of America (PPA) Lifetime Achievement Award.


Gorman’s photographs document that peculiar obsession of the 21st century celebrity. Each shot gives a picture of human nature in its infinite range. A true master with lighting and composition, Greg's strength is also his charismatic way of capturing his subjects, offering us a view into the private emotions and moments with his subjects. “For me a photograph is most successful when it doesn’t answer all the questions,” says Gorman, “and it leaves something to the imagination.”


When not shooting famous faces, Greg travels the world for specialized photographic projects and continues to work on compilations of his imagery. A book of his photos for the award winning l.a. Eyeworks campaign, entitledFramed: Greg Gorman for l.a. Eyeworks was released in 2012.  In the fall of 2009, Damiani Editore released In Their Youth: Early Portraits, which incorporates forty years of unpublished work. These join Gorman’s previously published books Greg Gorman Volume I, Greg Gorman Volume II, Inside Life, Perspectives, As I See It, Just Between Us and a book of platinum prints entitled Odes to Pindar, published by The Journal of the 21st Century.


Greg Gorman has been recognized for his contribution to the world of photography as well as his charitable works by The Lucie Foundation, The Elton John Aids Foundation, Aids Healthcare Foundation, Focus on Aids, The Oscar De La Hoya Foundation, Vox/Out Voices of Style + Design, PETA, Angel Art, Pacific Design Center Stars of Design, and PawsLA.


Born in 1949 in Kansas City, Missouri, Greg attended the University of Kansas from 1967-69 with a major in photojournalism.  He completed his studies at the University of Southern California, graduating with a Master of Fine Arts degree in cinematography in 1972. He currently divides his time between his homes in Los Angeles and Mendocino, California.















Private Works 2000-2015

Limited Edition



Culled from over 50,000 unpublished images, Private Works represents Greg’s first foray into male portraiture and the nude in more than fifteen years, as well as a departure both in style and content from his earlier works. Primarily printed in color with some of his signature black and white imagery, there are over 170 monographs in this 275 page volume. Greg has created this Limited Edition of only 100 copies in a custom designed case-bound volume.  Each Limited Edition volume comes with a hardbound copy of the book and an 11-inch X 14-inch signed print. Retailing at $1250, Private Works will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis, with a portion of sales donated to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.


This product is for a case-bound hard cover book along with a print of your choice.  The book was printed by Verona Libri on Gardapat Kiara 150gsm paper.

When placing your book order, please select from below the 11 x 14 Limited Edition Print you would like to be included with your book. 













October 15 - 17 
8:00 - 6:00 (with lunch break)
Location: Sohn Fine Art 

69 Church Street, Lenox, MA


Different shoot locations each day in the beautiful Berkshires!


Tuition: $800


Today, perhaps more than ever, there appears to be a very real interest in breaking through the boundaries of 'conventional' landscape photography. Millions of people taking millions of images - often at the same honeypot locations - it is harder than ever before to make one's creative voice heard - to forge a path that is unique. Valda Bailey has been making images using alternative techniques for many years. She draws on her training as an artist and has developed her own approach to digital image making using in-camera multiple exposure, blending modes and intentional camera movement. The techniques she uses create abstract shapes, blur extraneous detail and facilitate the creation of an impressionistic image as opposed to a more conventional 'record' shot. This way of image making is controllable to a certain degree but still retains an element of unpredictability. While this process can delight and frustrate in equal measure, it does ensure is that an image is very likely to be completely unique. It's very much a non-prescriptive way of working and requires a curiosity and a willingness to experiment. During the workshop, Valda will explain the techniques she uses to make her images. She will talk at length about why she makes images the way she does, how her creative vision has developed and urge students to break rules and discard convention. The three day programme will offer a varied agenda with time spent processing, critiquing as well as shooting. Valda says "I believe that the opportunity to sit around a table critiquing work, discussing problems and tossing around ideas is every bit as important as time spent shooting".
Although the practice of intentional camera movement can be achieved with any camera fitted with a suitable ND filter (in order to facilitate a longer shutter speed), making in-camera multiple exposure images is rather more equipment-dependent. Many cameras today offer this option, however not all are able to blend the images in the same way. Valda uses a Canon 5Dsr. Other cameras offering the same options are the Canon 1DX, Canon 5D Mk4, Canon 5D Mk3, Canon 5Ds and the Canon 7D Mk2. The Nikon D5 and Nikon D500 offer similar options. The Nikon D800 series will combine images, but with fewer blend modes. Sony users can purchase a multiple exposure app. Although they offer a wider selection of blend modes to Canon and Nikon, they will only combine a maximum of two images into one composite file (as opposed to nine or ten with the Canon and Nikon). Many Pentax cameras have a multiple exposure option, though offer fewer blend modes; likewise Fuji and Olympus. iPhones can be used with an appropriate app. If you require further clarification on the suitability of your camera please do not hesitate to email.
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Valda Bailey is a freelance photographer living in Sussex who first became passionate about photography when she was 14. Her approach to photography is greatly informed by her background in painting and her influences come as much from artists as photographers. She is largely motivated by colour and form and the tension and dynamism that these components can bring to an image. Her objectives are to portray an interpretation of a scene rather than a literal representation. She makes her images using camera movement and multiple exposure - two techniques which help to create abstract shapes and blur extraneous detail. She has spent time in New York under the expert tutelage of noted street photographer, Jay Maisel and has been greatly influenced by his teaching about light, colour and gesture. Her work has been featured in broadsheet newspapers, national and international publications and she has recently been invited to teach for Light and Land Photographic Workshops run by Charlie Waite. She has exhibited most recently in London and in 2015 was the first woman to be invited to join six other photographers to exhibit at the biennial Masters of Vision in Southwell. She has images in private collections worldwide and her work has been purchased by notable members of the art and photographic community.