Sohn Fine Art's Education Program features unique photographic workshops  in the Berkshire area taught by our talented master artists. We give local and visiting students the opportunity to learn from photographers in the top of their fields. Our annual MASTER ARTIST SERIES program offers innovative experiences with world class artists. Sohn Fine Art gives the local community and visitors the opportunity to meet and learn from master photographers while hosting them in the Berkshires. Photographers are featured in a series of events that include exhibitions and receptions at Sohn Fine Art Gallery, book signings, public presentations and workshops. ​

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​Instructor: John Clarke
July 27 & 28, 2019
9:00 - 5:00
Different apps will be covered each day and you can sign up for one or both days. We recommend that beginners take the intro class.
Locations: TBD
$250 for one day or $450 for both days

Course Description

The iPhone has the capability of producing beautiful, unique, art-quality images. Over two days of intensive workshops, students will be introduced to some of the creative possibilities of iPhone photography. They will be led through a workflow from capturing the highest quality images, manipulating them through various apps, and preparing them for print or presentation. Each student will explore firsthand a variety of cameras (the internal iPhone camera isn't the only option!) and apps as they refine their vision and aesthetic. Each app covered presents a range of creative processes and styles. Instructor John Clarke will teach you the apps and strategies he uses to create his iPhone photography. Day one will be an introduction for beginners. Day two will dig deeper into more complicated apps.

Day 1: Introduction - Get to know your in-phone camera, editing suite and camera roll. The post processing app Photo Toaster will also be covered. PLEASE NOTE: If new to the iPhone photography process, the first day is a requirement for day two.


Day 2: Slow Shutter, Mextures and Hipstamatic will be covered.


 *All students must have an iPhone 4 or above.

About the Instructor
John Clarke has lived in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts since 2007.  He was born in central Massachusetts around a landscape of mills, rivers, trains and bridges. Clarke received his degree in classical music composition from Bates College in Maine.

Clarke’s fine art work is created using a range of mediums. Oil paints, pastels, and pencil were his main tools for many years. A series of fifteen large pieces were displayed in the Latchis Theatre in Brattleboro, Vermont in 2007, and since then in several other galleries. They were inspired by a neoclassical piece of music called Alina by the Estonian composer Arvo Part. The Alina series exemplifies his style and use of color, line, and shape. In an article in the on-line journal Rural Intelligence, associate editor Nichole Dupont called him a “multimedia abstract master.”  Earlier, in 2002, Clarke started scanning pressed flowers through a now-outdated color printer. The results, what he called Flower, Stain, and Fingerprint, were a novel type of botanical illustration, which cannot be recreated, as newer printers do not produce the same effects. Also, around 2002 Clarke stopped riding freight trains and realized he hadn’t documented the incredible journeys and places he had discovered. So he bought a camera and started exploring train yards and bridges to capture some of those memories. At that time Clarke was interested in sharply focused images, describing his desire for sharpness as wanting to feel the rust in his photos. In 2012, his tripod broke. During an autumn hike Clarke headed out without his tripod and produced images with accidental blur. The trails of light and color appealed to the abstract line painter in him and changed the way he thought about photography. The experience established a new course for him as a visual artist. A year later, Clarke discovered the iPhone and has become an accomplished iPhone photographer and teacher, helping his students capture and process images with a unique, painterly feel.

Clarke continues to push the camera to its limits, translating photographic images into other mediums. Painting with light, his work can be mistakenly viewed as pastel or charcoal drawings. Long exposures and gestural movements with the camera blur the distinction between art forms. Some of his newest applications have an alternative process or pinhole camera feeling to them. There is often a tension in his work between what is revealed and what is obscured. This has been with him since the beginning when he started painting and is revisited in alternative ways over and over again. He is driven to create images that are purely personal, diffusing and abstracting the world around him in the hopes that they will spark an unknown journey into aesthetic, emotional and spiritual territories. He calls it “looking through the curtain.” The creation of an image holds the excitement of unlimited potential and feelings he has never felt before.

Hanging one visual language on the balance of another, Clarke’s latest work combines mediums, using the photographic print as a backdrop for an emotional layer of line, color and symbol with pastel, pencil and paint to create one-of-a-kind pieces. He is always pushing the edge of the photographic medium until it is a bridge into other mediums.

Often described as a “renaissance man,” Clarke was front man and a primary songwriter for the band Bell Engine. He also has a solo album, All Beneath Our Train. An avid writer, he has written more than 60 short stories about his years jumping freight trains, and more recently, after the birth of his son Orrin, writes poems for children. Clarke’s work has been shown at the Geoff Young Gallery, Art on Main at Barnbrook, Joyce Goldstein Gallery, Isha Nelson Gallery, Deb Koffman’s Little Gallery, and Sohn Fine Art Gallery, where he is currently represented. Clarke was recently featured in the August 2016 and in the April 2011 issue of The Artful Mind Magazine.
With Rachael Talibart


September 13, 14, 15 and 16
Martha’s Vineyard, MA

$2500 + Accommodation
(Fee includes transportation to shoot locations around the island

and dinner Friday night)

Workshop attendees will stay at Summercamp in Oak Bluffs,

Martha’s Vineyard for 3 nights: https://www.summercamphotel.com/

Queen Room (2 available):

Accommodation + Workshop = $3500

King Room Partial Waterview (2 available):

Accommodation + Workshop = $3750

King Room Waterview (5 available):

Accommodation + Workshop = $3850

Rooms are available on a first come first serve basis.

If you have a preference we suggest you enroll as soon as possible.

Enrollment deadline is July 31st.

No refunds, all sales are final.


Course Description:
Sohn Fine Art is pleased to present an expedition workshop on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard with special guest, Rachael Talibart. This unique coastal photography workshop is in conjunction with a solo exhibition of Rachael’s work on view July 19 - September 29. Sohn Fine Art is thrilled to be the first US gallery to debut these events in the US! The course aims to inspire and nurture your creativity and techniques as a photographic artist.

Rachael has been capturing award winning images in coastal regions for many years. For her, the coast is the beginning of imagination and possibility.  During this 4-day workshop, students will have opportunities to capture images around the unique and varied coastline of the island, working during the best light of each day.  In addition to seascapes, we will encourage students to explore the possibilities for creative and abstract photography using the smaller details found at the coast. There will also be plenty of time for image review, processing in Lightroom and/or Photoshop and brainstorming creative ideas.  Rachael will share the techniques, from the conventional to the experimental, that she uses in her own work, why she makes the images that she does and how she generates the ideas behind her work. This workshop aims to inspire you to create coastal images that have a fine art edge and stand out from the crowd.



The workshop will kick-off Friday, September 13th at 4:30pm with a meet and greet at the hotel. Then the group will move to a nearby restaurant for dinner and a slideshow presentation with Rachael. Saturday and Sunday will be spent shooting at varied locations around the island and will include focused discussions and demos. The adventures will conclude Monday morning with a slideshow presentation and critique of work shot by the students during the class.

About Rachael Talibart

Outdoor Photography Magazine called Rachael Talibart one of 'the best outdoor photographers working in the UK today', and a 'landscape master' in June 2016.


Rachael grew up on the south coast of England. Her first career was as a solicitor in the City of London. During the City years, Rachael's friends and colleagues were used to seeing her return from trips with bags full of exposed film; the developing sometimes cost more than the trip! In 2008, she converted to digital and she says that is when the obsession really set in. In 2000, Rachael left her city career and, after obtaining two more degrees, she now works full-time on her photography.


Much of Rachael's early childhood was spent at sea. This has left her with a life-long fascination for the ocean in all its forms, but especially in stormy weather. Rachael travels widely for her photographs but retains a special fondness for the South of England and many of her images are created there. For Rachael, nothing beats a day on an empty shore, the wilder the weather the better. This is reflected in her work - she is probably most well-known for her portfolio, Sirens, critically-acclaimed photographs of stormy seas named after mythological beings, now published as a fine art photo book.


Rachael's photographs have been published in books and in print and online magazines. They have been exhibited widely in the UK as well as Barcelona and New York, and appear in private collections in the UK and USA. Her first solo exhibition in the US is at Sohn Fine Art in Lenox, MA summer 2019. Rachael is the owner of f11 Workshops, providing photography day workshops in the South of England. Rachael is an experienced public speaker and writes for photography magazines. She is a member of Parhelion Group.

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